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Website Design Types

This page offers a basic guide to the different types of website we design and what sort of thing to expect on each type of website. For more details about different web design features and possible choices about your website, please check below.

Static Websites

A static website is one without any server-side functionality and has no database or interactive content. Static website is appropriate for small businesses that don’t need any complex features or content. Static websites can still be designed to look really good with stylish graphics and content, they just can’t do anything clever based upon any behind-the-scenes programming. The advantage is that a static website is easier, faster and cheaper to design and build but is still professional and stylish

Dynamic Websites

A dynamic website contains information that changes, depending on the viewer of the site, the time of the day, the time zone, the native language of the country the viewer is in or many other factors. This allows web pages to perform more complex functions and display complex data and interactive content. A dynamic website can contain client-side scripting or server-side scripting to generate the changing content, or a combination of both scripting types. These sites also include PHP programming for the basic structure. The client-side or server-side scripting takes care of the guts of the site.

Content Management Websites

For people who want to make frequent changes/updates or want full control over their website we design them with a CMS. A CMS can be part of just about any kind of website. Depending on your needs this can be as simple as the ability to add new items to a news page or image gallery, or full what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) control over the content of each page. We work with our clients to develop a bespoke website and CMS solution that suits their needs. We can give you as much or as little control over your website as you require. We are also happy to update any website we design for our clients either on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.

eCommerce Wesbsites

For businesses that make money online through their website either by selling products from an online shop or offering premium (paid for) online services. This can range from simple integration with PayPal to sell a small number of items in an online shop where PayPal handles the entire checkout and stock-management process to large, self-contained shops which securely process credit card payments for hundreds of items. eCommerce websites are (almost) always dynamic and database driven and usually have the provision for the client to add new items and update prices, descriptions, images and stock levels from a dedicated admin system. Sometimes some of the features of an eCommerce website will be integrated into a different kind of website e.g. a band/musician might have a website with images, news and information about their music but also has the ability to sell that music as a digital download.

Other Services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the major drive for the Online marketing of your website. SEO is a method of increasing the traffic rate to your site by improving the website ranking on a particular keyword to target your business in the top pages of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc…

CreativeCrewz is a premium SEO services company with dedicated team of SEO professional working for on page and off page optimization of your site to bring the desired output through your website.

  • Makes your business reach to every corner of the world.

  • Improve the ranking of your website.

  • Increase the traffic rate for your website.

  • Generate potential leads from the targeted audience.

  • Better revenue output with a minimum investment.


On-page optimization

Targeted back end and front end analysis with proper keyword stuffing to get targeted audience and for easy crawling of search engine spiders on each page.

  • Meta tag optimization

  • Title tags

  • H1, H2, H3 analysis

  • Keywords

  • Content

  • URL corrections

  • Web master tools settings


Off-page optimization

This is linked up the on page optimization, because off-page optimization produces better results with effective on-page optimization.

  • Link Building

  • Directory submissions

  • Anchor text optimization

  • SBM submissions

  • Blog submissions

  • Blog comments

  • Article submissions


Social Media Marketing

CreativeCerwz is the best destination for the Social Media Marketing. With our experienced social media consultants, we designed a unique way of approach on social Media marketing. The team of CreativeCrewz will analyze the business needs, identify the target audience and increase the traffic for your sites.

CreativeCrewz Specialty:

  • Thorough analysis of the business requirements.

  • Strategic SMM and SMO approach.

  • Social network page creation.

  • Building communities and groups on the social networks.

  • Creative graphical approach for promoting your business.

  • Integration of social network plug-ins on the web pages.

  • Regular updates and promotion of the content on the social networks.


Facebook Marketing

With more than 350 million people around the globe connected to Facebook, it is no secret that this hub is a goldmine for marketers – but only when it is used strategically.

CreativeCrewz comprehensive Facebook campaign strategies are designed to increase brand awareness, fan bases and sales!

  • Campaign strategy development

  • Customized Facebook company page design

  • Targeted advertising campaigns

  • Content marketing


LinkedIn Marketing

Attract new customers to your business and reach your target audience with LinkedIn advertising.

  • Customized LinkedIn company page design

  • Help showcasing your best products and services

  • Help spotlighting your products or services as recommendations

  • Help growing your roster of recommendations

  • Help sustaining long-term customer relationships

  • Campaign strategy development

  • Targeted advertising campaigns